Chiltern Artisan Beef and Venison Biltong

Freshly handmade, dried and cured meats made using traditional South African recipes. Our product range is lovingly made with meat sourced from local Chiltern farmers.

We are a family business dedicated to making healthy low fat and high protein meat delicacies.

We use prime Silver-side beef/ game cuts marinated in genuine South African spices. We as a family continue a proudly South African heritage.

All Biltong and Droewors products are freshly packed and heat sealed for each specific order. You are guaranteed the genuine full flavoured taste of traditional South African Biltong.

Our Biltong and droewors can be purchased in the following flavours Beef, Garlic and Chilli. We also do Venison and buffalo, however, these are seasonal and only available with original spicing.

Our Biltong is 100% natural beef or game, they contain a small number of nitrates for the purpose of preserving our product. For more information see allergens and it is air cured with malt vinegar and salt to preserve it. This works perfectly in a very dry climate. However, you will know this is not the UK climate!

We replicate the perfect conditions in our purpose built drying room and pack it as carefully as we can. However, there is always a percentage of biltong in the UK climate that will eventually grow mould. This is entirely normal and natural.

Our "Grab & go" packets make an ideal snack portion.

The products are placed in an ambient sealed packet and the shelf life is 3 months from packaging.

If one of your unopened packets manages to grow mould please take a photo, send it to us via email and we will replace the packet for free.

Thank you for your interest and patience for this site, as it is being further constructed by my son Vincent.