How to store your favourite snack



Proper storage is key to preserving the freshness of your biltong and droewors! Here are some friendly tips to ensure they stay delicious for longer:


  • Find a cool, dry spot away from direct sunlight to store your goodies. While biltong is a preserved treat, it's still a natural product with water content, so a little TLC goes a long way.
  • Once you've cracked open those 35g packs, aim to munch through them within 72 hours for peak flavour and texture.
  • Got the larger 250g or 500g packs? Lucky you! Just remember to seal them up tight with the resealable zipper and enjoy within 7 days of opening to savour every last bite.
  • Rest assured, all our sliced biltong comes with a minimum of 4 months of shelf life upon delivery, though they often last even longer (closer to 9 months). So take your time and snack at your leisure!

🚫 Oh, and a gentle reminder: those little oxygen-absorbing sachets in each pack are there to keep your snacks fresh and tasty, but they're definitely not for munching on! Keep 'em out of reach.

Now that you know the ropes, enjoy your biltong and droewors with peace of mind and palate-pleasing pleasure!