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Venison and Beef Droewors - Grab and go Pack

  • Venison and Beef Droewors - Grab and go Pack

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Venison and Beef Droewors - Grab and go Pack



Handmade Venison and Beef Droewors

Venison and Beef Droewors is a wonderfully tasty dried sausage snack that doesn't need refrigerating and is perfect to carry in your school lunchbox, gym or work bag as a protein snack.  Choose a pack from 45g or 90g.

Droewors is made with prime minced beef and our special herbs and spices and it goes superbly well with a beer!

Venison and Beef Droewors

Venison and Beef Droewors is high in protein and delicious; it is made in a similar way to Boerewors sausage, but it is then dried in the same way as Biltong, giving a dry sausage that doesn't need to be kept refrigerated.

We mince our own venison and beef for our Droewors, using the same fine quality venison and beef that we use for our Biltong. The natural marbling of fat through the meat gives beef Droewors flavour and succulence. It is a dry sausage but has a softer texture than biltong and it has that great beef flavour - strong in umami.

Our venison and beef comes from our carefully selected butchers in the Chilterns, much of it from local herds and is hand-cut into fillets that are chosen for shape, grain and texture.

What's in our Venison and Beef Droewors?

Prime venison and beef mince, sourced from local butchers and farms. Our butcher carefully prepares the meat then adds vinegar, barley, herbs and real South African spices brought from his hometown in South Africa.

When we make Venison and Beef Droewors, it is dehydrated for five to six days. We use 60% venison and 40% beef. The flavour is rich and concentrated meaty deliciousness - and very addictive!


Prime Beef Mince, Prime Venison Mince, Malt Vinegar, Barley and Malted Barley extract, Flavouring, Salt, Spices and Herbs.

Flavouring: Spice Extract, celery, Dextrose. Preservative, Potassium metabisulfite, Vinegar; Flavorings (Maize Starch) Anti-caking Agent, Acid regulators, Flavour enhancer; antioxidant (TEHQ), Dehydrated vegetable (onion - irradiated) Antioxidant (Sodium Erythorbate).

Allergens: Celery 

Prepared in an area where foods containing Milk, Egg, Soy and Wheat Gluten may have been used.